At HoardingSigns.co.uk, we transform your hoardings into valuable marketing and branding opportunities. We print onto quality aluminum composite (ACM) that is affixed directly to existing timber site hoardings. Using the latest printing technology, quality materials, and decades of experience, we can produce cost-effective, high quality imagery to expand your marketing capabilities on site.


The Process



Price List & Options

1-2 £160 £180
3-5 £145 £165
6-10 £132 £155
11-15 £118 £140
16-26 £100 £125
26-50 £90 £110
50+ £75 £95

*All prices are subject to VAT

Roll-to-Roll – We can also print full colour graphics on our latex roll-to-roll printers if required. These are water-based, meeting the highest environmental standards and producing outstanding print resolution.  We only use high quality vinyls, and these can be laminated to create further effects. Prices are comparable to premium.

White Printing – We have the ability to print white ink to create more innovative visual effects – price dependent on artwork.

Laminates – We offer matte, gloss and anti graffiti laminates to extend and safeguard the durability of our prints.

Kicker Boards – We can replace the traditionally timber kicker boards that frame the hoarding with ACM kickers that can be printed to any colour or effect.

Special Effects - Being a division of Manor signs UK Ltd, we have the ability to dress the hoarding with CNC lettering, light boxes, peepholes and much more.